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Meet the Worldwide Wellness Leader BLUESPRING

Natural herbal pain relief remedies and wellness products

Passionate about delivering quality pain relief and wellness products, Debra Murray continues building the brand that set the standard for delivering superior natural herbal remedies and supplements to millions worldwide.

By improving the quality of life for others, Debra and her company of like-minded professionals exude the same care and commitment to customer satisfaction so refreshing in this day and age of cold corporate cultures.

BLUESPRING creates and builds trust with each customer. Never taking customers for granted, each patron is treated as the valued person that they are, ensuring that questions and concerns are addressed directly and thoroughly so that people can enjoy results quickly and effectively.

The vast unsolicited testimonials that BLUESPRING continues receiving speak volumes not only for the quality products the company is well-known for but also the service provided by the men and women who are the heart of the company’s day to day operations; the friendly voices on the phone, the electronic messages and confirmations, the offers and advertisements, the dependable shipping of products, etc.

Blending safe science and common sense

Natural ingredients from Arnica to Whole Leaf Aloe, to Emu Oil and beyond
BLUESPRING customers know they are buying made-in-the-USA products with genuine, natural ingredients for arthritis relief, to skin care, to anti-aging applications. Unlike many products manufactured in countries without quality standards or supervision, and that are known to use inferior ingredients (and who-knows-what processing techniques), BLUESPRING manufactures only quality products from natural ingredients strictly following all FDA and GMP guidelines. Always has; always will.

BLUESPRING continues to grow and expand by embracing opportunities to enhance quality of life for people in easier-to-use containers, packaging, and products. For example, we recently updated our Hair Conditioner to an Anti-Aging Hair Conditioner – adding some improved, safe, anti-aging ingredients for hair to natural formulas proven over many years. We did this because many people don’t realize hair ages just like skin does and needs special attention.

But not only did we upgrade the ingredients we upgraded the container!

Many of our customers have arthritis and their hands hurt or are stiff. We went from a stiff, hard-to-squeeze flip-top bottle to a soft, gravity-fed tube with an easier flip-top lid. Our research proved that the new soft tube is rated the number one arthritis-friendly container. We also changed the new Anti-aging hand cream to the same tube in a smaller size. We are now looking at all of our containers to see where we can do better. Innovation and improvement are a constant process for us.

Small enough to be nimble, large enough to be reliable

Without a large hierarchal structure BLUESPRING focuses on our customers and products. Our team can quickly adapt our products when better ingredients become available. We adapt to meet our customers’ needs offering a 60-day guarantee, a customizable automatic shipping program, and Boosters (product lines with added ingredients for specific added relief, such as additional menthol for cooling relief, for example).

We strive to simplify scientific jargon and make it easy for our customers to talk to us and work with us. A company focused on wellness needs to reflect more than the body and include the mind and spirit. We offer positive solutions for a better life, with natural, safe herbal pain relief remedies and wellness products.

BLUESPRING is the maker of the original Super Blue Stuff OTC Natural Pain Relief Cream and the finest herbal supplements and remedies available today.

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We welcome your calls and emails with questions or thoughts about our natural herbal pain relief remedies and wellness products and services. We want to hear from you!




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