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Beat Kidney Disease, Boost Your Energy, Take Control of Your Kidney Health.

Beat Kidney Disease Naturally.

Keep your kidneys clean and healthy, or you might become statistics.

Kidney failure, in all its different forms, is serious business. But it is also totally preventable, and as simple as Don Tolman’s three-step formula;

Self Education - Self Care and Self Healing.

Ancient civilizations taught us everything we need to know to lead full and healthy lives. Sadly, many of us have forgotten these lessons. Don Tolman rediscovered these ancient principles through extensive research over many years. And now you can benefit from his knowledge through the information on Connies or Contacting Connie HERE.

Discovering the power of self care and self education – Register HERE for details.

But back to our kidneys - the statistics aren’t good;

In 2011 4.5 million Americans were diagnosed with kidney disease, that is almost 2% of the population. Australia and most other westernised countries are following the same pattern, and since our eating habits and lifestyle isn’t getting better – this is just another downward spiral.

  • Number of deaths from nephritis, nephrotic syndrome, and nephrosis: 50,476
  • Deaths per 100,000 population: 16.3
  • Cause of death rank: 8

Summary Health Statistics for U.S. Adults: National Health Interview Survey, 2011
Final Data for 2010, tables 9, 10, 11 Adobe PDF file [PDF - 3.1 MB]

Nephrotic syndrome is a nonspecific kidney disorder characterised by a number of signs of disease: proteinuria, hypoalbuminemia and edema.[1] It is characterized by an increase in permeability of the capillary walls of the glomerulus leading to the presence of high levels of protein passing from the blood into the urine…..

Nephrosis refers to a non-inflammatory nephropathy.[1] Also known as nephrotic syndrome, nephrosis is any degenerative disease of the renal tubules. Nephrosis can be caused by kidney disease, or it may be secondary to another disorder.…..

Source of these statistics; National Center for Health Statistics
3311 Toledo Rd / Room 5419
Hyattsville, MD 20782  / 1 (800) 232-4636

In addition, the longer we prolong it, the more toxic we become the harder it will be to regain health..

So please educate yourself, the on many good cleansing processes to keeping your kidneys healthy.

And it can be as easy as drinking a glass of lemon juice every morning, in combination with making sure that you get at least 3 litres of nice clean water through your system every single day.

Another very successful way of restoring kidney health is to follow the advice of my friend Mr Duncan Capicchano, Naturopath and dedicated Kidney Researcher.

Just click HERE NOW to get Duncan’s; “the kidney disease solution”.

Kidney Health, Kidney Cure; Duncan Capicchiano

It is a ridiculously small, one off, amount to pay for peace of mind, for guaranteed kidney health, and for a long and healthy life. Believe me, if your kidneys are “slow”, not working on optimal level, it creeps upon us very subtly - and for years we are totally unaware about the growing problem in our gut. But make no mistake, this “soft” hidden conditions can be devastating on your energy, your productivity and of course your overall health.

Follow Duncan’s advice; “Taking control of kidney disease the natural way”.

In both books and audio recordings, Duncan explains what you need to do for ultimate kidney health, and in addition you have full email access to Duncan’s knowledge should you have additional questions.

Learn how to lower creatinine levels, improve kidney function, and in general safeguard your kidneys - and therefore the rest of the body - from further damage.

Kidney Health, Kidney Cure; Duncan Capicchiano

And it is an all natural step-by-step program - you will find several testimonies from Duncan’s many happy and healthy patients, 2000 of them and counting – “beat kidney disease . com”

A brief preview of what you will learn;

  •     Reverse Your Impaired Kidney Function Naturally With Great Results Which Are Noticeable As Quickly As Within Weeks
  •     Heal Your Kidney Disease And Live A Better Quality Of Life By Making Simple Changes That Have Dramatic Results
  •     Improve Your Quality Of Life Even If You Are On Dialysis – This Guaranteed Method Assists Kidney Function – Even If You Are In “End Stage Renal Failure”

Find Out What Secrets Duncan’s Research Uncovered – Including Ancient Remedies, Not Commonly Known, Till Now – that can help you:

  •     Recover Your Health Without Using Drugs
  •     Reverse Your Impaired Kidney Function
  •     Avoid Dialysis
  •     Avoid Kidney Surgery
  •     Reduce Your Specialist Visits

As you can see, “self education - self care and self healing is the most important part in our health management. Please don’t wait for the doctors to start feeding you more poisons, toxic drugs and potions that just add to the toxic build up your actually suffering from - that we are all suffering from in the modern Western society.

Getting Duncans Research and Information Is Very Important – Every Day Counts when you are managing kidney disease. - Or, as to Charlotte Gerson above,  any health condition you may have.

Kidney Health, Kidney Cure; Duncan Capicchiano

Introducing: Duncan Capicchiano ND, fully Qualified Naturopath, Nutritionist, Herbalist, Medical Researcher and Author

To a happy and healthy life!

Olle Persson, Connie's Health-Olle Persson Ph; 07 5630 1276

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Paleo Recipes.
Email; olle(a)

Kidney Health, Proven Natural Treatment - that Works.


Dear Kidney Disease Sufferer,

You’re about to find out that it’s possible to reverse impaired kidney function and avoid dialysis and/or kidney transplant surgery. By following the same step-by-step holistic healing protocols that thousands of people around the world have already followed with successful results, you can improve your kidney function and your quality of life, too. My name is Duncan Capicchiano and over the last 8.........................................


How to Lower Creatinine Level at 7.1

If your creatinine level is higher than 7.1, then it indicates that you are suffering Kidney Failure. In normal case, creatinine level should be lower than 1.4. Now your creatinine level is 7.1 which is over five times than the normal range; so it tells that you need dialysis or kidney transplant.

Kidney Function and Kidney Health 

Creatinine level helps to reflect kidney functions and usually, the higher the creatinine is, the poorer the kidney functions are. With extremely high creatinine level, you must be eager to the methods of lowering creatinine. Usually, there are several ways which can help to reduce creatinine in the blood:

● Reducing meat and protein intake, we can lower our creatinine level slightly. Creatinine comes from meat eaten by us; so when we reduce meat intake, generation of creatinine will be reduced and consequently, creatinine level decreases. Besides, our kidneys are in charge of excreting protein, so through reducing protein intake, heavy renal burden can be reduced, which is helpful to protect our healthy kidney functions. Therefore, as long as we avoid worsening kidney damages, creatinien level does not increase.

● Reducing physical activity also help to lower creatinine level. Besides meat eaten by us, our muscle is another source of creatinine; that is to say, if we do lots of physical activities someday, our creatinine level will increase slightly; so to achieve the purpose of lowering creatinine level, avoiding drastic physical activities will be helpful. In addition, if your creatinine level has increased to 7.1, which indicates that your illness condition is relatively serious. Under such a circumstance, you need to have good rest and avoid being tired.

● Effective treatment for Kidney Failure help to reduce creatinine in the blood. We know creatinine level increases just because kidneys are failed in excreting excessive creatinine. When effective treatment is given, kidney functions recover, which allows excessive creatinine level to be excreted timely and as a result of this, creatinine level decreases naturally.

All these methods are effective in lowering creatinine level; but for a kidney failure patient whose creatinine level is 7.1, it is far from enough for him to lower creatinine level just through adjusting diet and reducing physical activities. If he wants to his creatinine level effectively and quickly, the most and only suitable way is to receive effective treatment for kidney failure.

Kidney Function and Kidney Health 

Connies Health, Kidney Cure, Kidney Health.

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Connies Health, Kidney Cure, Kidney Health.

Connies Health, Kidney Cure, Kidney Health.

Connies Health, Kidney Cure, Kidney Health.


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